EFAST2 5500 Filing

As of January 1, 2010, the Department of Labor (DOL) is going "paper-less" for Form 5500 filings and all associated Schedules and attachments. Beginning with the 2009 Plan Year, all Pension and Welfare plans will be required to file Form 5500 (the annual plan reporting) electronically.

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As an added service to our clients and professional associates, we have developed a webcast series to guide you through each step of the EFAST2 process. If you are unable to attend a webcast, we are always available to assist you individually through this process.

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EFAST2 - Step 1 - Obtaining "filing signer" Credentials

We have completed this set of EFAST2 webcasts. See below for a pdf of the webcast PowerPoint.

Instructions for Obtaining Filing Signer Credentials

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